Matt Freedman
Matt is digital leader with over a decade of experience and a continued passion for marketing & technology. Read more
Digital Strategy
Digital Marketing is not about mass media targeting demographics. It's about understanding behaviours & persona's and providing the right experience, in the right place at the right time. Read more
User Experience & Design
It's all about beautiful design working in harmony with information, interaction and usability to give consumer a superior experience with your brand. Read more
SEM & Performance Media
Performance media means advertisers only pay for measurable results. This has always been the case for SEM, however with DSPs, real time bidding and retargeting, display advertising can become performance based. Read more
With mobile accounting for around 20% and growing of website visitors, mobile needs to be considered in the implementation of all digital strategies. A user experience should be considered that ties in the location based and social enabling elements of mobile. Read more
Analytics, Big Data & CRM
Gathering and analysing data including customers and their behaviours, to drive insights and in turn build deeper, more effective and longer term customer relationships. Read more