If you want to attract more clients then you need to get busy! You need a planned approach for increasing your perceived level of activity. Your prospects want you to be busy, because it implies you are good at what you do. Plus it could mean you are one of the few hip, happening, and tuned-in professionals in your field.

Your “busy-ness” should include:

  • Being seen at industry or networking events and fundraisers
  • Getting out and meeting people, prospects, colleagues and partners
  • Writing articles that get published
  • Running your own Blog
  • Participating in industry committees and groups
  • Running surveys to find out more about your market place and clients
  • Participating in web-based discussion groups

This all sounds good, but beware. If you are not careful you’ll find that you’ve filled up all your time and have lost your concentration on your business.


Before you increase your activity, first understand who your market is.  You need to know what your ideal client looks, sounds and thinks like.

When you focus your efforts you can easily create multiple points of contact with potential clients.  You need to pick your selected audience, and then find multiple opportunities to hit them with your message.

Every opportunity you have to meet new people is an opportunity to grow your business! If you are willing to invest your time, networking is a process, and the payoffs are almost immeasurable. It’s not realistic to expect instant success. It takes time. You can plan your networking opportunities to shorten the time it takes to build those relationships.

Your activities must first be noticed in order to create an impression.  You need to remember to evaluate your activities to ensure you are getting the best impact in return for your efforts.

You need to be careful to avoid:

  • Networking events that are not attended by potential clients or referrers
  • Networking events where you continually run into the same people
  • Over-exposure
  • Submitting articles that are not read by your target market
  • Sending out direct mail offers that sound like you are desperate for work
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