Today I was emailed a quote from American Rock Star, Jon Bon Jovi – Map out your future, but do it in pencil.” There have been some great quotes from musicians, but most of them are more humorous than something to live your life by. This quote however was one that I could relate to.

While this quote is about setting your life goals and the future of you as a person, I think it relates equally to your marketing plans and goals.

Many people create a marketing strategy for a one to three year period, create the action plan to implement it, then lock it in. They implement the plan, sometimes getting feedback to see if it's meeting the strategy, never stopping to check if the strategy itself is still sound.

View your marketing strategy as an evolving, living thing. What worked yesterday, probably doesn't work today and what works today, may not work tomorrow.

Every month ask yourself

  • Is my marketing working?
  • Is my message hitting the right market?
  • Is that the market I still want to be in?
  • What other markets could benefit from my products/services?
  • What problem in my existing markets is not being met?
  • Where can I increase my marketing budget to get better effect?
  • Where can I decrease my marketing budget without loosing effect?

People are continually evolving. They are learning to filter out blatant advertising and appreciate a more sophisticated information based approach. They want to develop a relationship with you and learn to trust you before they do business with you.

Is your marketing strategy continually evolving to keep up?

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