1. Send out your emails with a consistent frequency. Whether this is weekly, fortnightly or monthly stick to a schedule. You will get much more impact from message and your contacts will come to expect and anticipate your emails. We find that fortnightly is the optimal frequency for most businesses, but this can vary depending on the spending habits of your clients. 

2. As well as frequency, timing is key with Business Communication. If you send your message over the weekend or late at night, it will then be just one of a number of emails that the reader has to get through in the morning. If you send them on a Tuesday to Thursday between 9.30am and 4.00pm they will be more like to be read.

3. Write content that provides value to your contacts. Your message should have 80-90% of the content being information that is valuable to your contacts that they can use in their business. Only 10-20% of the content should be about your company or your products. If you follow this rule people will continue to read and look forward to your emails. 

4. Only send emails to persons you have met or who have requested to receive them. It is much better to have a small database that has grown organically than to have a large database of people who aren't interested in what you have to say. Make the unsubscribe feature easy to find. You will gain nothing by continually sending emails to people that don't want to receive them. 

5. Proof your emails. Check your emails thoroughly before sending them out. Once you've sent something to hundreds or thousands of people you can't get it back. Even better get someone else with a fresh set of eyes to check it.

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