One of the key elements of a successful eMarketing strategy is regular communication with your friends and customers, and one of the easiest ways to do this is through an email newsletter.

Have you ever tried to write an email newsletter? Most people find it extremely time consuming which is why most people plan to send out a monthly newsletter and then manage to send out only a couple over a 12 month period.

To make your newsletter work look at making it short and to the point. It will make it easier to write and more importantly easier for your friends and customers to read. You try and have 80% of the content useful information that your friends and customers can use in their lives and businesses and only 20% about your company and product offers.

Here are some simple ideas to get you going. 

1. Tip of the Week/Month

Give your friends and customers a tip from your area of expertise and then explain this tip in a paragraph or two.

eg. Tip – “Choose a domain name that reflects your business name, is easy to spell and easy to remember”.

You only need to think of 12 tips to be able to create a years worth of monthly newsletters.

2. Checklists

Give your friends a checklist that they should follow for a topic that you have expertise in.

eg. “Checklist when buying a car”

3. Case Study

Tell your friends and customers about a project that you have been involved in. You should explain what the project required and how you went about it. Identify any challenges that you encountered and how they were overcome.

4. Q & A

Ask your friends and customers to send in questions or problems that you can help them with. Answer there question in your newsletter.

Make sure that you get their permission to use their question.

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