By Lee Clark & Christine Parker 14th September, 2007 (

Obtaining referrals is one of the secrets to business success. A referral is a qualified or potential lead from an existing client who are already benefiting from the products and services you provide.

There are many ways to generate referrals for your business. Here’s a few tips to get you started:

Actually ask your existing customers to provide you with names of people who could also benefit from what you offer. You can even provide an incentive to do so

  • Provide such a wonderful experience for your current clients that they want to refer you and willingly do it

  • Say “Thank You” and acknowledge people when they have referred business your way, they will be more likely to do it again

  • Follow up the leads your clients have given you. Chances are they have told their associate to expect a call from you, and if you don’t follow it up, they will be less likely to refer you again.


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