Are you scratching your head because your website just isn’t providing the enquiries or sales that you expected?

If you are driving significant traffic to your website and it’s not turning into business then first you need to look at the basics.

If you can tick the following boxes

* professionally designed
* fast loading
* clearly structured
* professional can carefully placed images
* logical, common sense structure and navigation
* good font size

and you are still not getting good conversion rates, then I can almost bet that there is no “Compelling Call To Action!

Are your visitors clear about what action to take? Or do they look around your website, absorb your information, think “That’s Nice” and then continue on to someone else’s (maybe your competitions) website.

When confronted with a choice, most of people will take the easiest course of action. If that choice is “no choice,” that’s exactly what they will do.

So how do you fix this problem?

Well, that’s the easy part. You decide what action you’d like your web visitor to take, and tell them in no uncertain terms. But don’t give them too many choices. Have one or at the most two choices for them to make. People get confused when you give them too many options. Keep it simple, and point your prospects to the best option and you’ll get a lot more enquiries and sales.

In Summary, have a call to action on every page

Every page on your website should have a call to action. This action may be to get them to contact you, or it may just take them to the next page in the website that you want them to read.

Examples are

* Click here to contact one our qualified consultants
* Call now on xxxx xxxx to get started
* For more information click here
* Leave your email address and we’ll send you a weekly marketing tip

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