If you want to make 2008 great, reduce stress and increase the happiness in your life, then try following the checklist and questions from Stress Consultant, John McConnel.

You need

* a clear vision of the life you would like to be living by the end of the year

* some goals to help you achieve your vision

* an awareness of your strengths and weaknesses to help you on your way

* an ability to focus your attention and use your thoughts, feelings, words and actions in a way that brings benefit to yourself and others

* the courage and determination to put into practice for at least 21 days any changes you want to make.

Bearing this in mind, take time out to relax and create a reflective mood in which to answer the following questions:

1. In what ways would you like your life to be different by the end of 2008?

2. If you were to choose an overall theme (for example, happiness) to give the year more structure and direction what would it be?

3. What drains and/or blocks your energy? How can you change this?

4. Name three changes in your consumption habits that would help improve your health.

5. What regular physical exercise will you commit to this year? 

6. What improvements would you like to make in your personal relationships?

7. Name three ways in which you could economise. What will you do with the money that you save?

8. How can you become more ‘time-rich’ both at home and at work? What will you do with the time that you save?

9. How can you make your work more enjoyable and stress-free?

10. Think of the qualities of someone you really admire and respect. How can you develop those qualities more in yourself?

11. Name three ways in which you will care more for yourself this year.

12. What will you do to nurture your inner spirit?

13. If you had one wish for the world that could be granted, what would it be? How can you help make that wish come true?

14. What is the single most important change you could make to improve the quality of your life?

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