Is your website due for a good once over? When you first build your website it is usually, checked and checked again. It’s checked for style, spelling, grammar and that every links works both internally within the site and externally to other sites.

Over time however, websites evolve and you often change content, add pages, move pages around and remove pages. On top of this your business evolves and what your website was first built to do may not reflect what you now want it to do.

So it's time for a thorough review. Following is a step by step process to review your website, and once you’ve completed it, you should be able to work out if you just a few errors that need correcting or if it’s time to redevelop your site.

  1. Look and feel. When your website was first developed it most likely reflected your brand at the time, and was modern and contemporary. Is this still the case? Some designs last the test of time, but others date quickly. Your brand may have also evolved so just check to see if it’s still relevant and reflects your high quality organisation or if it needs a freshen up.

  2. Structure and Navigation. Draw a sitemap of how your site is currently structured. Following is the current Redback Solutions sitemap. Once you do this it should be clear whether this is still relevant to your product or solution offering, or if you need to make some changes or add or delete pages. Your structure should be logical and should reflect what your customers are looking for not how your company is internally structured.

  3. Content. What does you website actually say. You have drawn a sitemap, so go through page by page (even if you only do a page a day) and read it out load to yourself. Check the grammar and readability and copy the text in MS Word so you can check for spelling. Your content should be concise and to the point, written to catch the desires of your customers. It should use the words “you” and “your” as much as possible and conclude with and action point whether it is an action that they should undertake or a method for them to contact you.

  4. Check for broken links. The longer your website has been around, the more likely that there is broken links. You can do this by clicking on each link as you review the content, or you can also use helpful tools like which will search through your site and look for broken links.

The above review will ensure that your website is fresh, current and relevant to your customers.

If you want to go that little bit further, why not get one of your favourite customers to do a review for you, or get website experts like Redback Solutions to do a review.

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