When trying to grow your business, you are constantly trying to get your message across to your market and have it understood. This is often done with brochures, proposals and presentations. These documents are often very detailed and can be very wordy.

Have you heard the old line “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Well why not try and develop a single picture that shows either

  • What your business model is, or
  • How your products and services are used to create a solutoin for your clients.

While preparing for the Future of Media Summit that I'm participating in next week, I came across this diagram produced by the Future Exploration Network and Ross Dawson.

Without any paragraphs of text, or other explanation I was able to ponder this diagram for 5 minutes and get a very clear understanding of the message the Ross was trying to get across.

Can you come up with a diagram that explains your message? Your diagram can become part of your brochure, it can be a PowerPoint slide that you can talk about and it can become your entire sales presentation.

Explaining how you help your customers verbally whilst you use your simple diagram to support your discussion is one of the best way for your client to understand your message, but more importantly remember it once your gone.

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