Viral Buzz can build your sales and leads for you. People start talking, a few blogs get posted, a few articles get written. But if you sit back and wait, it can be like watching paint dry. Why not give it a kick along and get proactive.

How to Generate More Buzz

1.Leverage existing online communities

Don’t just think of Facebook and myspace when you think online communities. Look for strong, active communities (both on and offline) that are used by your target market. They might be a group, online forum or social network. Ask for feedback on your products / services and reply proactively to all comments. People will talk about your products and how quickly you responded.

2. Offer an incentive

People often have good intentions to spread the word, but then forget about it as the next important/urgent thing comes up in their daily lives. An incentive, gift or competition keeps them focus on spreading the word.

3. Reach community experts

Experts pervade every group and cross section on any topic. Actively search them out. They often have websites or blogs and are asked (or offer) expert opinion to groups, publications and other media that require interest content. Make them aware of your products and the benefits to their groups. Giving them information on them that isn’t available to everyone else increases their level of expertise and they will only be too please to let everyone know what they know.

4. Talk to customers at the point of sale

Find out where you potential market spends their time. Utilise targeted information based marketing at these places (or websites).

5. Talk to customers in real-world social groups

In regard to point 1, don’t just limit it to the net. Also look for member based organisations, meetings, expos and conferences.

6: Get on the news

Think about what is news worthy about your products. Why do they do for the community that is of interest to everyone. It might not be your product as such, but how an interesting person has been involved with your products or services. (Maybe even a celebrity)

7. Balance with other efforts

Viral and Word-of-mouth is only part of a larger eMarketing strategy. Don’t neglect, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Email Marketing and offline marketing.

8. Watch what works

Use Google Alerts to try and keep up with what is being said about you out in the wide world. It’s amazing who might be talking about you.

These tips were inspired by Sharon Baker from AOL, to read more with examples of how AOL have made Buzz work for them, click here.

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