Following on from the last post I got a lot of feedback asking how can we improve conversion rates. Here are seven ways improve your conversion rates.

  1. Acknowledge leads immediately. It never ceases to amaze me that people are surprised when we follow up an online lead with 24 hours. People have gotten conditioned to filling in online forms and never expecting a response. In the age instant everything, don't wait days to follow up a lead. And if possible, try and make your “thanks for your interest” as personalised as possible by putting a  real person's name on it. A personal touch will always increase conversion rates.
  2. Landing pages.  If you segment your lead generation advertising, continue to carry that through to the landing page will improve conversion results dramatically. The more targeted a relevant a landing page is, the higher the conversion will be. Split test your landing pages alternately showing 2 different pages and determine the one that converts the beset.
  3. Deliver . The way you handle leads, from generating them through to conversion, tells people how they can expect to be treated as customers. Go overboard, especially for your best prospects.
  4. Relevance. Increase your product or service's relevance as the sales process unfolds. As you begin to learn about the prospect's unique needs, you can begin moving toward a one-to-one relationship. As you discover new information about prospects, communicate additional ways your product or service is relevant.
  5. Rank your leads.  Not all leads are equal in value. Use past experience to rate your leads into A, B and C. Love you A’s, like your B’s and automate your responses to the C’s.
  6. Invest in creative for conversion as much as you do for lead generation. There’s no point getting the lead to the front door or website if that’s where it ends.
  7. Provide short questionnaires. Use the answers  to build follow-on communications consistent with their level of interest.
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