So you’ve got a website, what next. What can you do now to get it working for you and working for your business?

  • Email Marketing– a simple, regular, valuable email message to your database can have incredible increase on your enquiries and sales.
  • Google Adwords / Facebook Advertising– Target Google or Facebook ads can get in front of new prospects immediately and provide instant traffic and enquiries. It’s under your control, scalable and measurable.
  • SEO– Survey your best clients and find out what words they would use if they were looking for your products & services. Optimise your website in search engines for these words.
  • Social Networking– Interact with communities such as Twitter, Stumble Upon, Facebook, and LinkedIn to form relationships with your target market and drive them to your site.
  • Design– what is the perception that your website is creating. Does it match the brand that you have or that you are trying to convey? How people perceive your business is their reality.
  • Outsource– if you don’t have the skills or the time to do it yourself, let a professional help you. It will be well worth the investment and you can spend your time doing what you do best.
  • People– brand individuals by using blogs, twitter and articles. People like to do business with people more than companies.
  • Quality – people seek consistency and quality. Make sure your website is error free, easy to navigate around, generally helpful and everything the user expects. Test, Test then Test again.
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