I first created this blog in February 2007 after attending Ad:Tech in Sydney and sitting in on the blogging for business panel discussion. I decided to start writing my own blog and subscribed to blogharbor (based on blogware) because some of the panelists were using blogharbor. I have since set up Typepad and Blogspot blogs for many of my clients.

Recently I decided to install a WordPress blog (www.34days.com) on my own host and give it a go.

It was love at first site!

So today I migrated my blog from Blogharbor to WordPress. This was a pretty easy process, the trickiest part was working out how to uncompress the .gz file that blogharbour exports to and knowing to choose the blogware option in the WordPress import tool.


  1. All the post content was imported ok, but any images in the posts are now broken so I have to go and reinsert them.
  2. I have to go an enter links in again
  3. I have to go and add the pages in again
  4. I have to create a new theme

However this is a small price to pay and now I’m running both my blogs (and all my new clients blogs) on WordPress now, which is making life a lot easier.

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One Response to Moving to WordPress

  1. It’s a bit fiddly setting up wordpress to get the right theme, plugins and widgets, but I think it’s worth it in the end.

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