Selling is not just the responsibility of pepole with  “business development” or “sales” on their business card, it is the responsibility of everyone in the company. A lot of people see their job as a silo and may not think sales is part of their responsibility, however most organisations are sales centric. So no sales, no job. Lots of sales, lots of prosperity for the company and good times for everyone.

It’s not surprise then that a lot of organisations (particularly organisations with consultants and field staff) are encouraging these employees to look for opportunities. They then either make the sale themselves or pass on the details to a member of the sales team who then “closes the deal”.

In some of the clients I’ve worked with, employees are open to this yet in other companies they resist the role they play in the sales process. The culture of the later invariably leads to poor long term performance of the entire organisation as many prime opportunities pass by without anybody even know about them.

So how do you do this?

  • ensure that all staff have a love and passion for your product or service. If they don’t believe in it, they can’t sell it.
  • educate your staff on the importance on sales to the organisation.
  • start dispelling the myth that “sales” is a dirty word, and educate staff that sales is more about looking for an opportunity and then proposing possible solutions.
  • incentivise all staff with sales incentives, not just your sales team.
  • encourage staff to spend more “face time” with clients, the closer the relationship with the client, the more comfortable they will feel in proposing new solutions to clients.
  • when they are sucessful in generating a sale or a quality opportunity, publicly thank them for it, to show other staff it is ok to think outside of their “silo”.
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