When I first started in the digital industry 10 years ago, if you had a website your were using the internet as a marketing tool to it’s maximum and were miles in front of your competitors who didn’t have a website at all.

Now a website of some sort is mandatory for all companies and it’s how it is used in conjunction with an overall digital strategy that is the key factor in your online marketing.

Here are some digital tools that all businesses should have in their toolbox.

Social Media

Understanding social media is an important part of online marketing. The prospects you are trying to influence are spending large amounts of time on social media for both business and personal. Connecting with your clients and prospects through social media (including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to name a few), builds relationships and relationships build business.

Email Marketing

Whether you are a small company of a large organisation, sending regular, relevent, valuable and personalised emails to your clients and prospects is a great way to keep your brand in their “front of mind”.

Digital Content

Building on from social media is other digital content such as video, audio and images. Using sites like Youtube and Flickr you can spread your marketing message to more people in more media than ever before. All of this content needs to tie people back your main message point, which is often your website.


A company blog allows you to build an ongoing story / commentary┬áthat supports your website’s marketing message. Blog’s come across as more factual than websites that come across as commercial. Blog’s are also very search engine friendly and can be used into increase the search engine optimization of your website.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search is the top method for finding information online. Improved search visibility helps marketing efforts, branding and online reputation and it can attract prospects that you would not be able to access by other means.

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