Straight from the horses mouth – Matt Cutt’s from Google talks about keywords in the meta tag.

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3 Responses to Google doesn’t use the keywords meta tag in web search

  1. Bill says:

    Good video. Just have to say though – the still shot used for this video could be compared to the dramatic chipmunk :)

  2. Boarding kennels Melbourne says:

    good point about Google not using them but do other search engines make any use of these meta keywords as google does not account for 100% of the traffic or search engines

  3. All search engines are moving away from using Keyword meta tags as they don’t necessarily reflect the content of the site, which is what they search engines would like to rank your websites on. Because of this, in simple terms (there is a lot more to it) search engines rely on the visible content in the site (text and headings) and then use the quality and amount of websites that link to you adjust the order of the rankings for a given search.

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