From Loic Le Meur

The word of mouth in public has never been as fast and worldwide with the Twitter growth. More important than marketing or advertising is what your community, your users, are saying about your product or your brand.

Listen first to everything being said about your brand on Twitter search (follow the space as well, your competition and the key players)

Sort what you see into categories, here are a few:

  • complains
  • product suggestions
  • new features requests
  • business opportunities
  • congratulations
  • people recommending your products to their friends
  • etc

Decide if there is an action needed or not to every single one, I would go for the negatives and help request first

Answer them as fast and as best as you can

Get into a private conversation with the user if the conversation continues and follow up until he is happy

It is easy to describe how to do it best but much more difficult to actually apply it to your brand especially if people talk a lot about it. I think it is worth the time and resources investment.

Here’s the video of Loic talking about customer service and twitter

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