I’ve been using a great mind mapping app on the iPad to take notes called iThoughtsHD. Great tool to easily take notes at meetings or conferences. I’m up in the Hunter Valley at the iMedia summit for the next couple of days and thought I’d share some of my notes. So here are the notes from the first nights keynote session.

iMedia 12th September 2011 - MindMap

The exiting opportunity for brands to become creator, publisher and platform

Christie Poulos, Jumpshot

  • If your content is crap the consumer will turn away
  • Enter the editorial space
  • Good content
    • Tell a story
    • Tap into emotion
    • Entertaining, informative or useful
    • Relevant
    • Clear message or brand value
    • Shareable
  • Case study
    • Red bull: the producers
    • STA Travel
      • Move
      • Shot in 6 weeks over 11 countries
      • 8 m views in 2 weeks on vimeo
      • 1 m views on YouTube
      • Double digit growth in flight searches
      • View the example
  • Commitment
    • Need to commit to your idea and follow it through
    • Red bull : the art of flight
      • Produced by red bull media house
      • 4.5 million views of trailer
      • 150,000 pre sold DVD
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