If you’re anything like me, you spend a fair amount time trying to get your ideas across to others and use PowerPoint or Keynote to do this. I’ve just started using Keynote and found that these shortcuts are¬†indispensable¬†when doing presentations. If you’ve got any others add them as a comment.


Playing a slideshow



Play slideshow Click the Play button in the toolbar, Option-Command-P
Play slideshow from the beginning Option-click the Play button in the toolbar
Advance to next build Click, N, Space bar, Return, Page Down, Right Arrow, Down Arrow, Shift-Right Arrow*
Go back to previous build Shift-Left Arrow*, Shift-Page Up*, [ (left bracket)
Advance to next slide Shift-Page Down*, Shift-Down Arrow*, ] (right bracket)
Go back to previous slide P, Delete, Page Up, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, Shift-Up Arrow*
Go to first slide Home
Go to last slide End
Retreat through previously viewed slides Z
Pause presentation and show current slide F (to resume, press any key)
Pause presentation and show black screen B (to resume, press any key)
Show or hide the pointer C
Show or hide the Presenter Keyboard Shortcuts window ?, Help, / (slash)
Hide presentation and show last application used H
Go to a particular slide in the slide switcher Slide number
Go to the next slide in the slide switcher + (plus sign), = (equal sign)
Go to the previous slide in the slide switcher – (hyphen)
Go to the current slide and close the slide switcher Return, Enter
Close the slide switcher Escape
Reset the timer in the presenter display R
Scroll notes up in the presenter display U
Scroll notes down in the presenter display D
Quit presentation Escape, Q, Command-. (period), . (period)
*To use these keys without having to press Shift, turn on Caps Lock.
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