Do you remember the Yahoo toolbar plugin? It was that annoying browser plugin that seemed to get automatically installed when you downloaded free applications such as Adobe Reader or Google Apps circa 5 years ago.

Well it seems that the Yahoo! Toolbar is still around and through a partnership with Coles Flybuys, might start to get some traction again.

I was interested to receive an eDM from Flybuys today asking me to download the new Flybuys toolbar (a partnership with Yahoo!7) with the incentive that I’ll get up to 100 Flybuys points for searching using the tool.

For most people this would seem like a good way to earn some extra Flybuys points, but think of it from a data point of view.

By asking you to scan your flybuys card with each purchase at Coles owned retailers such as Coles, Liquorland, K-Mart and also Coles partners such as Telstra, AGL, NAB and Webjet; Flybuys is collecting an enormous amount of data on individual customers. Now with Flybuys/Yahoo! browser toolbar, they can collect data on the web browsing habits of these same individual customers.

With this massive amount of data, Coles will be able to target advertising to individuals based on there product preferences, but more importantly they’ll be able to source and create products to meet the needs of their customers.

Details of the Flybuys toolbar can be found here. Details of the Yahoo toolbar can be found here.

Flybuys eDM                      Yahoo!7 Partership Webpage

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