“In the hypercapilalist economy-characterised by continuous innovation and dizzying speed of change – buying things in the markets and owning property becomes an outdated idea, while “just in time” access to virtually every kind of service, through vast commercial networks operating in cyberspace, becomes the norm. We increasingly pay for the experience of using things – in form of subscriptions, memberships and leases – rather than pay for the things themselves. The bottom line: we are spending more and owning less.” – Jeremy Rifkin, The Age of Access: The new culture of hypercapitalism, where all of life is a Paid for Experience.

This  quote came across my desk from my colleague Shaji Sethu, and I thought it was quite insightful in the way that people are consuming.

We are already seeing this shift in B2C space eg. automotive, property etc, but now we are seeing it in B2B. As marketing and technology is changing so quickly, businesses are looking for the benefit of the asset/infrastructure, not the infrastructure itself (unless the infrastructure is part of their core business).

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